What is a lace front wig?

The secret of the stars is out, have you ever wondered and wished you could manage to always have perfect hair.  Now you too can have hair like a superstar but at a fraction of the price.
A lace front wig is the most undetectable wig on the market.  The wig is made out of invisible lace making it look completely natural. It can be styled in any fashion and parted anywhere giving you endless possibilities and versatility. 

Who can wear lace front wigs?

Our wigs are for anyone - both young and old.  Adults, Teens and children.  Also perfect for cancer patients, alopecia patients, and anyone going through hair loss due to chemotherapy or scalp disease.

Will anyone be able to detect I am wearing a wig?

When applied correctly, your wig will be undetectable and look completely natural, unlike those cheap synthetic costume wigs, or extensions & weaves that grow out.
That is the beauty of the  lace wig - it is totally undetectable and creates a flawless hairline.   No one will know that you have a wig on.  The wig is glued to the entire outside perimeter of your head creating it's own invisible hairline.